The Hold was born through a love of beautiful form, contrasting textures and natural materials. It is our belief that when something is made by hand, it imbues a sentimentality that is not only an ode to the artisan but also to keeping traditional craft alive.

We honour the skills and craftsmanship of our makers and every set of hands our product passes through to get to us here in Melbourne, Australia. 
Our bags are functional and ornamental; pieces of art for your home and to carry with you. They are intended to be kept forever and passed on. 


The Hold is proud to make a contribution of $10 AUD from every purchase to the K&M Charitable Trust; an organisation working to enhance the lives and education of our artisans’ children in Uttar Pradesh, India.


We acknowledge it is our responsibility to ensure our makers are working in safe and fair conditions. We carefully selected a manufacturing partner that has been successfully audited (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and actively supports their employees.

SMETA Certification encompasses all aspects of responsible business practice —labour standards, health and safety, and environmental assessment.
Additionally, our makers are provided with social insurance and healthcare.