Envelop, is a short film by The Hold, written and directed by Holly Graham (Siy Studio). With a visual story that finds poetry in a seemingly regular morning, the film's narrative tells the experience of two lovers and the "almost fictional love they are enveloped in”. 

The film is set in a modest but beautiful mid-century home in the bushland outside of Melbourne. The architecture and set styling work perfectly with the subtle yet considered placement of The Hold's artisanal handbags, designed by the brand's founder, Rae Pooley. 

The original music score by Ryan Ritchie (former frontman of True Live/The Raah Project) magnificently complements the cinematic imagery by DOP, Jensen Cope.

The lead woman, portrayed by Kellie Bird, is both effortlessly beautiful and relatable in equal measures. Shot with a skeletal crew, in a single day, the short film is captivating in its simple and evocative storytelling — leaving room for the viewer's own interpretation.