We take pride in the delicate handcrafted nature of our handbags, so please ensure they are treated with care. Given the handmade craftsmanship, each piece will contain subtle variations and unique characteristics.


Our metal handbags have been carefully handcrafted and are designed to tarnish over time. To prevent tarnishing please avoid exposure to salty air, perfumes, sulfur, humidity, cosmetics, and strong chemicals. Store your bag in its protective pouch in a dark, dry place. We recommend cleaning your metal bag with a soft dry cloth and stand metal polish.


Our beaded handbags are handcrafted with premium beads that are delicate and need to be treated with care. Please avoid contact with any liquids, aggressive chemicals, or abrasive surfaces. This can cause the beads to pull and diminish the colour. To clean your bag, we recommend using a soft dry cloth. Please store your handbag in its protective pouch in a dark, dry place.